Celebration Of Black Women

2 min readFeb 2, 2021


Artist — Norval Bowman

“Norval Bowman is an illustrator from Kansas City, Missouri known for his work in specifically drawing and painting black women. From a young age, Bowman knew he wanted to be an artist. He decided to pursue an art degree in order to turn his passion into an everyday aspect of his life; a career. Bowman decided to have his choice of subject be solely black women because he wanted to bring out the beauty of black women. For generations, black women have been seen as strong, aggressive, powerful, or even loud. Bowman uses his work to capture the beauty that is not seen in black women. Black women are soft, sensual, beautiful, and magical. The desire to be great is what motivates Bowman. The aspiration to be known as a vessel to showcase the beauty and sensuality of black women and black people overall is what pushes him to keep going. With every stroke of his brush, he continues to push the boundaries to exhibit the beauty of black women”.

We asked Norval Bowman what Valiance means to him…”To me, Valiance means strength, bravery, and integrity.”

Quote — https://www.valiancemagazine.com/

“Norval is a man of little words, he did however supply us with an interview he did for a magazine/website above. I was personally inspired by his art, as I believe that with all the world has seen lately it is great to appreciate and celebrate each other. Norval’s artwork to me is striking and beautiful and I am so happy he accepted the offer to showcase with E2E” — Lockdowninspired

Follow Norval Bowman’s work at the link below.

Instagram — https://www.instagram.com/ndizzot/?hl=en

FB Page — @empathssafespace

FB Private Group — Empath For Men (Men Only)

FB Private Group — Empath’s Safe Space

Twitter — @empathtoempath

Medium — @lockdowninspired

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